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If you are in need of immediate medical attention or are having a psychiatric emergency, please leave this website now and dial 911 or head to the nearest hospital.

Welcome to the homepage for the Illinois Computer Science Mental Health Committee! The Computer Science Mental Health Committee (CSMHC) is a student-run organization whose goal is to further mental wellness and advance the dialogue around mental health within Computer Science at Illinois.

We host a variety of events and programs for students within the CS community and work on mental health policy initiatives and tools. Here specifically, we’ll be hosting a forum for students to share concerns and stories they may have anonymously so we can support each other as a community. This is a positive space for students and should only be used as such. We’re all here to help each other out, and any behavior contrary to this mission will not be tolerated. See our Forum Rules for more information.

For any questions you have or topics you want to talk about, feel free to create a new topic under the forum-posts category. Trained moderators (information below) will respond to your post as soon as possible.

IMPORTANT: Dissemination of medical information by non-authorized personnel is illegal under HIPAA (1996). As such, no users of this site are authorized to publish any such information other than directions to official resources. No members of the Committee shall provide any medical advice. Any content published on this site that violates any legal information will be taken down and, if necessary, reported to the pertinent authorities.

Meet Our Staff

If for any reason you feel the need to contact us outside of the forum space, feel free to reach out to us through any of the following methods:

Email: contact@mg.csmhcillinois.com

Instagram: @csmhc.illinois

Facebook: Illinois CS Mental Health Committee

Nikash Walia

Heyo! I’m Nikash Walia, and I’m a sophomore studying Computer Science! I’ve known people struggling with mental health issues privately since high school and who have been unable to seek out professional help because of a combination of stigmas and lack of resources. After getting suddenly exposed to the realm of advocacy, I decided to throw myself headfirst into more effectively supporting my peers and try and bring about change, one step at a time. I hope that one day, we can talk about mental health as being an everyday facet of our lives rather than hiding its effects or sharing memes about it.

In my free time, I enjoy carving wood (currently working on a complete chess set) and scrolling mindlessly on Reddit, as well as listening to music at volumes definitely bad for my ears! A little quirk of mine is that when my eyes turn red from staring at the screen for too long, my irises turn a little redder too, slightly changing their color.

Ananya Cleetus

Hey, I’m Ananya Cleetus, a rising senior in Computer Science! I started getting involved in the mental health advocacy space through my own struggles with bipolar disorder and depression. I took over a year off from school to focus on my health and create a mental health crisis app, Anemone. Since I’ve been back, I’ve been working on mental health advocacy back on campus through the CS Department, Engineering College, and Counseling Center. I gave a TEDx talk about my mental health journey if that’s your sort of thing. I really want to promote mental health dialogue within the Indian-American community and in other cultures where mental illness is extremely stigmatized.

In my free time, I enjoy baking, making memes (I founded UIUC Memes for Underfunded Teens), and learning martial arts. An interesting fact about me is that my name is actually in three different languages: my first name is in Sanskrit, my middle name is in Cherokee, and my last name is in Greek.

Omar Khan

Hi! I’m Omar Khan, and I’m a senior studying Computer Science + Crop Sciences (yes, CS + CS). My passion for mental health really began when I experienced challenges with it myself, as well as witnessing firsthand how much mental health challenges impacted those around me. My hope is that by facilitating open conversation about mental heath, we can all come to appreciate its significance in every facet of our lives. My fun fact has two very necessary parts: my girlfriend converted me from peeling to biting string cheese and I love sweaters.

Melissa Chen

Hi! I’m Melissa Chen, and I’m a junior studying Computer Science! A combination of my own experiences with mental health and the desire to help others like me drove my passion for mental health awareness. My goal is to make mental health something that people aren’t ashamed to talk about and something that can be openly addressed.

Outside of classes and clubs, I love solving puzzles, playing video games, and browsing memes. A fun fact about me: I’ve once slept for more than 24 hours straight!