Join the CSMHC Team!

Welcome, dear potential team member!

So you have shown the initiative to go above and beyond, to answer the call of duty… insert hero theme

Jokes aside, mental health has always been an overlooked, stigmatized issue that affects everyone, and given that our campus community is no longer the same this year, mental health challenges are taking new shapes and forms. We are looking to create more opportunities for open dialogue and mental health resources, and we need your help.

You might have seen some of the other things that we’ve done around campus, from the ACM Mental Health Awareness Night in Fall ‘19 (linked here) to the fun de-stressing event that we held this past spring, to our Mindfulness Monday posts on social media (shameless plug: @csmhc.illinois on IG or Illinois CS Mental Health Committee on FB)!

So in short, there’s plenty of things to do- running this forum and providing virtual support to people, raising awareness about and de-stigmatizing mental health, and pushing for policy changes that better support students within our community.

If you’re interested in joining our team to work on events, outreach, or shaping mental health policy at UIUC, please fill out the form here: And if you have any questions, contact Nikash ( or Ananya (


The CSMHC Team