COVID-19 Town Hall

Hello and welcome to the CSMHC Forum’s page for our upcoming event, A Conversation on Mental Health in the Age of COVID-19!

Here, we’ll be posting information about our event, ranging from speaker information to topics we’ll be discussing. We’ll also be using this page as a comfortable, safe space to have discussions during and after the event.

The event will be on Thursday, December 3rd at 8 pm CST. Join us as we shine a light on mental health, one mind at a time. Use this link to join:

Speaker lineup:

Student speakers:

Hi, I’m Nikash, and I’m one of the co-chairs of the CS Mental Health Committee! I’ve known people struggling with mental health since high school and experiencing the realm of advocacy motivated me to take my support and allyship to the public stage. Mental health struggles can be daunting to navigate, both for those experiencing it and their friends/family, and I’m glad to be here to help in whatever way I can to guide you!

Hello! My name is Devin Dionne and I am the president of the mental health advocacy organization Active Minds UIUC. I just want to talk about mental illness in a way that encourages people to find something that works for them. I haven’t found it myself, but I hope that all of us can be there for each other when we do find it.

Faculty speakers:


Hello, my name is Heather L Zike and I am an academic advisor within the Department of Computer Science. I have been an advisor in CS for over 5 years and been on-campus advising for 12 years. I love my job! A part of my job involves talking with students when they might be going thru a difficult time. Some of those conversations lead to mental health. My goal is always to create a welcoming environment to talk about the hard stuff. Over the years I share my own struggles with mental health and experiences when appropriate during these conversations. If sharing my experience even helps one person it is worth sharing.